A unique single beam 
LED Traffic Signaling system
Traffic Technology Inc,

We bring the LED signalling systems by one of the world leaders, Traffic Technology Inc (TTI) of
USA. The unique products include plug in LED Ball assemblies for the existing 8 housings and the patented Unilight, which is a single unit capable of displaying all the three signals.
Technology Comparison
LED vs. Incandescent Lamp
LED  Incandescent Lamp
Brightness and best visibility even in foggy
50% brightness lost due to the lens cover
Consumes approximately 15W power  Consumes 100W power
Life of over 10 years Life limited to 3-6 months
Even failure of few LEDs will not completely
shut down the signal
Failure of the bulb renders complete shut down
of the signal
No heat build-up in the housing High heat build-up and adds to failure rate
No glare from daylight due to absence of
Misleads the drivers due to reflection of daylight from the reflectors

LED offered by TTI vs. LED of Others

LED by TTI  LED by Others
240VAC plug-in balls available for immediate
replacement in existing housings
AC fittings not readily available, so widespread
use is very expensive and may not be feasible
No need for Solar panel
Solar panel required. Dust / Snow accumulation on the panels severely reduces the efficiency and consequent failure of the system. Not possible to clean the panels periodically due to large number, high positioning and risk of damage
No need for batteries AC system obviates the need for Batteries
As retrofit is possible switchover to LED system
is less expensive
Switch-over is expensive due to need for a
complete change of power supply

Immediate unique applications

Quick changeover from incandescent to LED system at major intersections in less than a day.

Patented Unilight, which is an all-in-one Red-Amber-Green signal, can be installed at the
important intersections.

Standard portable Unilight systems can be easily deployed in any situation where temporary
traffic diversions are required. Here the signals can be deployed in morning and evening
hours only and activated by just one Police person standing on the pavement. Once the busy
hours is over the system can be easily dismantled and taken back to the concerned Police
Station and plugged to AC mains for recharging.