Solar powered 
Obstruction Lighting System (SOLS)
Northern Power, USA

Till now obstruction lighting for remote installations like Transmission Towers have not been feasible. SOLS make this requirement possible. In SOLS systems, power for the obstruction light or beacon is supplied by an array of PV panels, and deep discharge batteries which convert sunlight into electricity. SOLS systems are virtually maintenance-free and are designed for a long service life. All system components have been proven over many years of powering critical loads in harsh environments.

  Customer : Carolina Light& Power
Reference : Baxter Matheson
Position : Responsible Engineer
Phone : 919-546-6709
Location : Cape Fear River, Near: Wilmington, North Carolina
Project Description : Two SOLS TM Solar Powered Obtruction Lightning Sysstems power aircraft warnning lights on transmission line towers crossing the Cape Fear River.

All technical obstruction lighting specifications are met by SOLS systems. Over 100 SOLS Systems have been installed throughout the world.  SOLS systems are operating in areas as diverse as Arizona, San Francisco, Tennessee Valley in USA, Indonesia, and Egypt. All SOLS systems are shipped complete, including beacon, integrated system enclosure, PV array, all interconnecting wiring and a comprehensive system operation and maintenance (O&M) manual.  SOLS system will find extensive use in 

self powered air craft warning lights in high tension transmission towers 

self powered air craft warning lights for communication towers.  

While SOLS systems may appear to be expensive, considering that no similar investments can render the necessary services under these critical application requirements make the investment most appropriate.

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